Our Roots: The Story of LiquidBeans®.

LiquidBeans® is not just a brand; it is a heritage. Our roots are in the coffee plantations of Suriname, where a secret family recipe has been nurtured for generations.

It all began with Frederik Hendrik Breidel and his wife Elizabeth Kasie. These great-grandparents of our founder, Mr. Rudge, were not only proud owners of their own coffee plantations, but also masters at preparing a perfect cup of coffee. Every morning Elizabeth would provide a sweet coffee surprise on the table, to which Frederick would lovingly say, “Lize, mik wang bun coffee gi mi, a coffee switie” (Lize, make me a delicious cup of coffee, the coffee is delectable).

Frederick Hendrick and his wife Elisabeth (born 1892). To this day, his family still has coffee fields in Domburg, Suriname.

Mr. Rudge in the arms of his great-grandfather Frederik Hendrik Breidel


“Lize, ie mik wang bun koffie gi mi, a koffie switie”

Inspired by this family tradition and with a deep respect for his ancestors, Mr. Rudge has transformed this special family recipe into a modern coffee extract. LiquidBeans® is a tribute to the authentic taste of Surinamese coffee, but with a contemporary touch.

We invite you to discover the rich history, pure taste and versatile possibilities of our unique coffee extract. Taste the tradition, experience the innovation.