Catering Blend 900ml

The blend consists of 90% Arabica coffee, is enriched with cane sugar and contains plant proteins naturally occurring in coffee beans.
LiquidBeans® Catering Blend has a powerful coffee experience with a distinct coffee bitterness in the aftertaste. The coffee bitterness is nicely balanced by the natural lactose in milk. Our extract is lightly sweetened so that you as a business owner offer the customer the option to make the iced coffee extra tasty with a caramel, vanilla or other favorite syrup.

This blend is suitable for making iced coffee and cocktails. This blend can also be used to make cappuccino and caffe latte.

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Product specifications

Catering Per 100ml  
Energie 645 kJoule 154 kcal
Vet 0 gr
Koolhydraten 32,35 gr
Waarvan suikers 32,35 gr
Proteïne 7,44 gr
Zout < 1,0 gr