Industry Blend

Coffee taste in seconds

Industry blend is specially developed as a raw material for the food industry.
Our Industry Blend is a fresh and highly concentrated coffee extract as a sustainable raw material for custard, ice cream, pastries, beer, cheese, meats, marinades, energy drinks, chocolates, spreads, dairy products and more.

Our extracts are ideal for high-end luxury foods and bring true coffee flavor to your finished product.

Why LiquidBeans® Industry Blend?

Coffee not only tastes good in the cup, but also in pastries, ice cream or chocolates. We supply our liquid coffees to the food industry. If you produce food or drinks such as pastries, ice cream, confectionery or beverages, we will provide the right coffee. Our liquid beans are the basis for this. Because LiquidBeans® is extracted into the smallest fiber, it lends itself perfectly to incorporation into numerous quality products without affecting the properties such as temperature, acidity, viscosity, bacteriological composition of the final product. LiquidBeans® can therefore be used as a flavoring as part of your recipe for the food industry. Think of components in dairy products (shakes, cheese, custard), pastries, marinades, meats and cold cuts, soups, sauces, (alcoholic) beverages, for example. Highly sought after and incredibly delicious!

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Did you know...

In the food industry, fresh coffee is only used as a raw material in fresh products. Fresh coffee begins to mold after a few days. Finished products therefore have a limited shelf life and should be kept refrigerated. Fresh coffee products have an average shelf life of 7 to 10 days after production date.

Therefore, flavor pastes are used for long-life coffee products.

These mimic the taste, color and smell of fresh coffee. These pastes often contain alcohol (not halal) and chemicals.

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Numerous recipes, at a small price.

  • The Industry melange bottle costs €46.95 excl. VAT.
  • One bottle is sufficient for 60 liters of ice cream mix
  • The Industry Blend is sold per 1 bottle

Nutritional values

  • Frozen Frappé per 100 gram
  • Energy 645 kj 154 kcal
  • Fat 0,0 gram
  • Carbohydrates 32,35 gram (waarvan suikers 32,35 gram)
  • Protein 7,44 gram
  • Salt <0,1 gram